our suppliers

Rodney Densem Wines

Rodney Densem Wines is an independent family owned business established in the North West & Midlands for over 40 years.

The business has seen dramatic changes since its original establishment in 1972 and is now a leading prestigious wine and spirit distributor specialising in the supply of quality products to hotels and restaurants and the company has won several accolades over the years. In 2011 the company expanded when it acquired Telford Wines in Shropshire.

Rodney Densem & Telford Wines remains totally independent, free from any buying groups or national companies. They are committed to ensuring premium quality and individuality by sourcing many of their wines direct from growers throughout the worlds regions.


M&J Seafood

M&J Seafood is the UK’s largest independent seafood supplier who are passionate about supplying their customers with top quality fish & seafood and an outstanding local service

They are totally committed to responsible sourcing and supply of the best of the world’s catch from well-managed and sustainable fisheries. This is one of the many reasons we choose to use M&J for our supply of fresh fish and seafood which gets delivered to us 6 days a week.

We regularly use catches from local skippers fishing around the British coastline, to produce delicious and tasty specials.


Catering Butcher

The Catering Butcher began life in 1926 as H.H.Jackson Ltd and is still serving quality meat in Stoke on Trent to this day. David Jackson has been running the company for over 20 years and is passionate about quality food and quality meat. Their philosophy is to always source the very best flavoured and eating quality meat that is available.

Their beef is all quality assured steer & heifer, which is mainly selected from traditionally aged and matured Hereford and Angus cattle that are graded in the top 5% of the national herd. This is because meat with marbling and creamy fat, ensures tenderness, flavour and exceptional eating quality.  The cattle are naturally reared and graze freely on lush grassland pastures. This stress free environment helps in the formation of the natural marbling with in the muscles.

Their Lamb and pork is sourced and selected from farms both locally and from across the UK with the majority coming from Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire



Harvey & Brockless

Harvey & Brockless are a producer and distributor of speciality foods, working with artisan food producers across the globe. They have retained one central philosophy throughout their 45 year history, which is absolute dedication to honest, authentic, remarkable food.  Although they are known for their expertise in the dairy sector, they have equal expertise in a diverse range of fine foods.  They have developed fantastic relationships with their producers such as traditional cheesemakers, olive growers, artisan curers and food innovators.

They offer us regular tastings and open days for us to meet the producers of the ingredients we use, supplying us with the knowledge and understanding of the products and the people behind them. They also offer authenticity and ethical sourcing; from the olive grove to the bowl of marinated olives in our restaurants and from the dairy herd to our restaurant cheese boards.