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I would like to receive news and offers from The Parogon Group

The Parogon Pub Group has undergone an extensive rebrand and name change to bring the brand in line with its growth and offering.

Now known as the Parogon Group which comprises of seven venues,  The Swan With Two Necks, The Wayfarer, The Orange Tree, Blockhouse at The Sheet Anchor, The Boars Head, The Seven Stars and The Red House, the company needed to realign its positioning in the hospitality industry.

Matt Cheadle, Brand Development Manager at the group, said: “As a business we’re constantly growing, evolving and expanding. Parogon Pubs as an umbrella company didn’t fit with us anymore as we felt it pigeon holed us and didn’t represent the variety of offers and styles we have.

“We have a variety of different styles, for example the Blockhouse is a smoke house and the Orange Tree is a bar and grill where the others are country style gastro pubs.”

The new branding is modern, minimal, and stylish and has dropped its purple colouring to bring it to a place where it feels more mature and in line with the hospitality sector, rather than just a pub group.

Matt added: “We are continually looking at expanding our portfolio and recently we’ve launched the tipi at the Boars Head and Corporate Function rooms at the Wayfarer. Next year we’ll be opening the private events space for weddings and other parties at the Seven Stars.

“The rebrand has been very well received by staff. It has shown them that there are more opportunities to move forward and try new things. They’re excited that we’re not just looking at restaurant after restaurant.”

The group has launched many new initiatives which help to attract and retain quality staff such as Parogon Life. Matt added: “We wanted to make sure we give back to staff and the community.”

Within Parogon Life is three sub brands:

  • Parogon Perks – which is a catalogue of perks which are available to staff
  • Parogon Wellbeing – this includes monitoring and being conscious of the hours worked by staff
  • Parogon Social –  which gives staff a platform to be involved in the group and to interact across the seven venues.

Matt added: “Parogon Life helps staff to see we’re not just about serving food and making money, but want to give back to them and the community.”